Katharina Krischer

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Empirical orthogonal eigenfunctions are extracted from biomechanical simulations of normal and chaotic vocal fold oscillations. For normal phonation, two dominant empirical eigenfunctions capture the vibration patterns of the folds and exhibit a 1:1 entrainment. The eigenfunctions show some correspondence to theoretical low-order normal modes of a(More)
We investigate the dynamics of a population of globally coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators with a time-periodic coupling strength. While for synchronizing global coupling, the in-phase state is always stable, the oscillators split into several cluster states for desynchronizing global coupling, most commonly in two, irrespective of the coupling strength.(More)
We present an example of the practical implementation of a protocol for experimental bifurcation detection based on on-line identification and feedback control ideas. The current experimental practice for the detection of bifurcations involves a cumbersome approach typically requiring long observation times in the vicinity of marginally stable solutions, as(More)
We report stationary, nonequilibrium potential and adsorbate patterns with an intrinsic wavelength that were observed in an electrochemical system with a specific type of current/electrode-potential (I-phi(DL)) characteristic. The patterns emerge owing to the interplay of a self-enhancing step in the reaction dynamics and a long-range inhibition by(More)
Stochastic electrochemical reaction steps on nanosized electrodes are non-Markovian when externally driven by an applied voltage. We show that, compared to the Markovian case (when external driving is absent), nanoscale electrochemical systems obey a superstatistics characterized by a superposition of Tsallis' q indices. The distribution of Tsallis' q(More)
The nonlocal complex Ginzburg-Landau equation (NCGLE) has been recently derived as a general model for electrochemical systems close to a supercritical Hopf bifurcation [V. Garcia-Morales and K. Krischer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 054101 (2008)]. We carry out the stability analysis of plane waves for arbitrary Fourier numbers providing the generalized Eckhaus(More)
Pattern formation during the oscillatory oxidation of H2 on Pt ring-electrodes in the presence of electrosorbing ions was studied under potentiostatic control for three different positions of the reference electrode (RE). The position of the RE crucially affects the degree of the global feedback which is imposed by the potentiostatic operation mode, and the(More)
So that the earliest morphologic changes produced in dog bladders by a bladder carcinogen could be detected, 25 mg 2-naphthylamine/kg was given daily to dogs for 1, 6, and 36 weeks. Among early changes observed in some, but not all, dogs at 1 and 6 weeks were a loss of the bladder luminal membrane, hyperplasia of the epithelium, and lymphocytic infiltration(More)
We report a novel mechanism for the formation of chimera states, a peculiar spatiotemporal pattern with coexisting synchronized and incoherent domains found in ensembles of identical oscillators. Considering Stuart-Landau oscillators, we demonstrate that a nonlinear global coupling can induce this symmetry breaking. We find chimera states also in a(More)