Katharina Klatte

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The chondro-osseous junction has been the subject of considerable scrutiny, especially in terms of the fate and role of the terminally differentiated chondrocyte. Although it has been proposed that these cells change their phenotype and survive in the epiphysis, possibly as osteoblasts, evidence from a number of other studies suggests that chondrocytes may(More)
The modulation of synaptic plasticity by NMDA receptor (NMDAR)-mediated processes is essential for many forms of learning and memory. Activation of NMDARs by glutamate requires the binding of a coagonist to a regulatory site of the receptor. In many forebrain regions, this coagonist is d-serine. Here, we show that experimental epilepsy in rats is associated(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to identify under different scenarios, and from a financial point of view, the conditions required to successfully switch from the general dentistry practice to orthodontics. STUDY DESIGN A mail survey was used to collect the data from the practicing orthodontists. They estimated the income, at certain points, in(More)
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