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Differentiation in the Trochulus hispidus complex and related taxa (Pulmonata: Hygromiidae): morphology, ecology and their relation to phylogeography
The morphology and ecology of representatives of the taxonomically ambiguous genus Trochulus, which comprises several genetically highly divergent mitochondrial clades, is investigated and it is suggested that its subspecies spent at least the last glaciation in or close to the presently inhabited areas. Expand
DNA analysis of molluscs from a museum wet collection: a comparison of different extraction methods
This study clearly shows that the COI barcoding region could be amplified in up to 49 % of PCRs (varying with amplicon length), which is, for museum samples, quite a high percentage, and recommends using an established kit for a first attempt. Expand
First establishment of microsatellite markers in clausiliid snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Clausiliidae)
Thirteen microsatellite loci with a tetranucleotid repeat were isolated and tested in three geographically close Montenegrina populations and might reveal new results about speciation processes in co-occurring taxa. Expand