Katharina Jäger

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Polycyclic azoniahetarenes were employed to determine the effect of the structure of unsubstituted polyaromatic ligands on their quadruplex-DNA binding properties. The interactions of three isomeric diazoniadibenzo[b,k]chrysenes (4 a-c), diazoniapentaphene (5), diazoniaanthra[1,2-a]anthracene (6), and tetraazoniapentapheno[6,7-h]pentaphene (3) with(More)
It is demonstrated that even unsubstituted cationic ligands, namely the known diazoniadibenzochrysenes (, ) and the so far unreported tetraazoniapentaphenopentaphene (), stabilize quadruplex DNA upon association; the ligand exhibits essentially the same affinity towards the quadruplex as does 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(1-methyl-4-pyridyl)-21H,23H-porphine,(More)
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