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We demonstrate output pulse energies of 20 nJ from an erbium-doped fiber oscillator that contains only positive dispersion fibers and is mode locked by use of nonlinear polarization evolution and stabilized with a birefringent filter. The fiber oscillator operates at a repetition rate of 3.5 MHz with a central wavelength of 1550 nm. The positively chirped(More)
The feeding behavior of the heliozoon Actinophrys sol was investigated using the ciliate Colpidium colpoda as food. The ciliate is caught by adhesion to the arms of the heliozoon. Within 20 min the prey is enclosed by a funnel-shaped pseudopodium which progresses over the prey by the action of its differentiated leading edge. Independent Actinophrys cells(More)
The cytopharyngeal basket of Pseudomicrothorax dubius, through which filamentous blue-green algae are ingested, consists of 22 (+/- 3) nemadesmata and nemadesmal lamellae, in the form of a tube. A cytostome, delimited by the cell membrane and surrounded by 22 (+/- 3) major and minor cortical corrugations, covers the end of the basket where the latter is(More)
We present a mode-locked, all-normal-dispersion erbium-doped fiber oscillator generating output pulses with broadband spectra covering the range from 1475 to 1620 nm. The oscillator operates at a repetition rate of 109 MHz with output pulse energies of 1.6 nJ. Mode-locked operation is achieved by use of nonlinear polarization evolution in combination with a(More)