Katharina Grün

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Using traditional semantic data modeling, multi-level modeling can be achieved by representing objects in different abstraction hierarchies, namely classification, aggregation and generalization. This, however, leads to accidental complexity, complicating maintenance and extension. Several modeling techniques, like deep instantiation, powertypes and(More)
The trend towards outsourcing increases the number of documents stored at external service providers. This storage model, however, raises privacy and security concerns because the service providers cannot be trusted with respect to maintaining the privacy of the documents. The research project SemCrypt^1 explores techniques for processing queries and(More)
The perennial plant Sida hermaphrodita (Sida) is attracting attention as potential energy crop. Here, the first detailed view on non-cellulosic Sida cell wall polysaccharide composition, structure and architecture is given. Cell walls were prepared from Sida stems and sequentially extracted with aqueous buffers and alkali. The structures of the(More)
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