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Nach der Richtlinie 91/414 EWG (2005) über das Inverkehrbringen von Pflanzenschutzmitteln wird zur Prüfung der Auswirkungen auf Honigbienen (Apis mellifera L.) ein Fütterungstest mit Bienenlarven gefordert, wenn Bienen der Anwendung von wachstumsregulierenden Wirkstoffen (IGR) ausgesetzt sind. Inzwischen wurde die OECD Guideline 237 ,,Honey bee (Apis(More)
During recent years, carbonyl sulfide (COS), a trace gas with a similar diffusion pathway into leaves as carbon dioxide (CO2), but with no known “respiration-like” leaf source, has been discussed as a promising new approach for partitioning net ecosystem-scale CO2 fluxes into photosynthesis and respiration. The utility of COS for flux partitioning at the(More)
Directive 91/414 EEC (2005) concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market calls for a feeding test to be conducted on honeybee larvae to test the effects on honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) exposed to the application of growth-regulating active substances (insect growth regulators, IGR). In the meantime, OECD Guideline 237 (2013) ‘‘Honey(More)
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