Katharina Galor

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REVEAL, (Reconstruction and Exploratory Visualization: Engineering meets Art / ArchaeoLogy) is a four year NSF-funded project promoting paradigm shifts in archaeology, currently at the 1.5 year point This is a project to create an environment for acquiring and presenting archaeological data in a way that streamlines the excavation process and supports and(More)
This article proposes a method for estimating the shape of masonry elements present in the facade of a Gothic building from a single image. Our approach takes as input a rectified image of a Gothic building facade and user-specified side information and provides a 3D model estimate of structural elements, e.g., doorways, windows, arches and cornices, within(More)
Plan drawings are graphical documents critical to the documentation of architectural features at historic sites. These drawings include important geometric information such as the location, shape, and size of architectural features, which, for decaying or collapsed structures, may be the only existing records of the intact structure. This paper discusses an(More)
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