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More than 750 isolates of faecal coliforms (>200 strains), enterococci (>200 strains) and pseudomonads (>340 strains) from three wastewater treatment plants (WTPs) and from four groundwater wells in the vicinity of leaking sewers were tested for resistance against 14 antibiotics. Most, or at least some, strains of the three bacterial groups, isolated from(More)
Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) contribute to biofilm stability and adhesion properties. The EPS matrix might also be a site for free extracellular enzyme activity; however, little is known about participation of enzyme activity in EPS during biofilm formation. In this study, we analyzed the activities of β-glucosidase, leu-aminopeptidase, and(More)
In this article we examine the federal freedom-of-choice statute, which was enacted in the mid-1980s to protect Medicaid beneficiaries' access to timely and confidential family planning services. We also examine how these provisions have been implemented in 15 jurisdictions and provide a case study of 5 family planning programs. We found that this attempt(More)
This study evaluates the sequences of biofilm colonization at two stream sites located in different bioclimatic regions (Mediterranean and Central European). Despite of the ecoregional differences, the two selected streams mainly differed by their hydrology and nutrient condition. A range of structural [microbial biomass, nutrient content, extracellular(More)
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