Katharina Fetten

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Most breast cancers that occur in women with germline BRCA1 mutations are estrogen receptor-negative (ER-) and also typically lack expression of progesterone receptor (PR) and HER2 overexpression. We undertook a study to assess the clinical factors that predict for an estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer in BRCA1 mutation carriers and to(More)
BRCA1-associated breast tumors display loss of BRCA1 and frequent somatic mutations of PTEN and TP53. Here we describe the analysis of BRCA1, PTEN, and p53 at the single cell level in 55 BRCA1-associated breast tumors and computational methods to predict the relative temporal order of somatic events, on the basis of the frequency of cells with single or(More)
The objective of this review was to examine data from preclinical, clinical and epidemiological studies to evaluate if testosterone (T) poses increased risk of breast cancer in women. Appraisal of the existing literature produced several lines of evidence arguing against increased breast cancer risk with T. These include: (i) Data from breast tumor cell(More)
The majority of breast cancers that occur in BRCA1 mutation carriers (BRCA1 carriers) are estrogen receptor-negative (ER-). Therefore, it has been suggested that ER negativity is intrinsic to BRCA1 cancers and reflects the cell of origin of these tumors. However, approximately 20% of breast cancers that develop in BRCA1 carriers are ER-positive (ER+); these(More)
Although most breast cancers in BRCA1 mutation carriers are estrogen receptor negative (ER-) with a basal-like phenotype, up to one third are ER positive (ER+). Little is known about the characteristics of this subgroup. To address this, we compared histologic and immunophenotypic features of 60 BRCA1-related ER+ breast cancers with those of 85(More)
Atrial fibrillation (AF) has been associated with higher morbidity after esophagectomy. The objective of this study is to identify the surgical risk factors associated with new-onset atrial fibrillation after esophagectomy. After Institutional Review Board approval, a prospectively maintained database was retrospectively queried to identify patients who(More)
Authors: Filipe C. Martins, Subhajyoti De, Vanessa Almendro, Mithat Gönen, So Yeon Park , Joanne L. Blum, William Herlihy, Gabrielle Ethington, Stuart J. Schnitt, Nadine Tung, Judy E. Garber, Katharina Fetten, Franziska Michor, Kornelia Polyak Authors’ Affiliations: Departments of Medical Oncology, Biostatistics and Computational Biology, and Radiation(More)
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