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Cognitive research proposes that social cognition (SC), executive functions (EF) and local processing style (weak CC) may be fruitful areas for research into the familial-genetic underpinnings of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The performance of 140 children with ASD, 172 siblings and 127 controls on tasks measuring SC (face recognition, affective(More)
Artificial neural networks are a kind of pattern classifiers, with growing acceptance in medical and biological research. We applied a single layer perceptron to data of 4302 patients from National Cancer Centre in Tokyo and compared the results to the Maruyama diagnostic system (MDS) and classic statistical analysis with logistic regression. While logistic(More)
A group of 31 patients whose mandibles had been augmented surgically with various methods using hydroxylapatite granules between 1984 and 1987, were followed-up to rate their subjective and objective masticatory function. The subjective assessment of the treatment result is comparable to the opinion given about vestibulo- and floor of the mouth-plasty.(More)
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