Katharina Benkert

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The Abstract Data and Communication Library (ADCL) is an adaptive communication library optimizing application level collective communication operations at runtime. The library provides for a given communication pattern a large number of implementations and incorporates a runtime selection logic in order to choose the implementation leading to the highest(More)
Recent advances in the Semantic Web community have enabled processing and exploitation of semantically annotated data by a variety of modern reasoning methods. However, there is still a deep mismatch between the requirements for reasoning on a Web scale and the existing efficient reasoning algorithms over restricted subsets. Fulfilment of those requirements(More)
When an adaptive software component is employed to select the best-performing implementation for a communication operation at runtime, the correctness of the decision taken strongly depends on detecting and removing outliers in the data used for the comparison. This automatic decision is greatly complicated by the fact that the types and quantities of(More)
This paper provides a comprehensive performance evaluation of the NEC SX-8 system at the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart which has been in operation since July 2005. It provides a description of the installed hardware together with its performance for some synthetic benchmarks and five real world applications. All the applications achieved(More)
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