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This article presents the outcome of research aimed at assisting governments in meeting their commitments and legal obligations for sustainable fisheries, based on increasing evidence that global fisheries are in crisis. The article assesses the effectiveness of the existing legal and institutional framework for high seas living resources. It focuses on:(More)
New York City generates approximately 13,000 tons of residential garbage daily. Current disposal methods present economic, environmental, political, and social difficulties. This report presents a new Solid Waste Alternative Technologies Program for New York City that will address these problems. Current policies discourage landfills and incinerators within(More)
This Report was compiled by the members of the New York City Solid Waste Disposal Workshop Group to address a proposal by the City Council to require the Sanitation Department to dispose of at least 5,000 tons of waste each day without landfilling or incinerating the waste. In sequential order, the topics covered include: The History of Solid Waste Disposal(More)
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