Kateryna Synytsya

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The paper discusses some features of the learning resource collection that supports a set of learning objectives for some course. Two characteristics, compactness and completeness, are suggested as an important component of the collection quality assessment. To measure these characteristics, each resource is represented as a point in the multidimensional(More)
Corporate environments treat work activity related to processing information and the one of learning & professional training (L&T) separately, by keeping L&T on a low priority scale, and perceiving little dependency between both activities. Yet, our preliminary analysis of an organisation has revealed that both activities mutually affect each other. Wholes(More)
The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative represents a global effort to accelerate large-scale development of dynamic and cost-effective learning environments. The brief history of ADL is described, its current status if reviewed, and its future are considered in this paper. The goal of the ADL initiative is to ensure access to high quality(More)
The paper describes various types of assessment tasks that are used in e-learning environments and studies the use of HTML5 in the development of user interface elements for e-learning systems. Popular existing practices of HTML5 user interface design are examined, and some examples relevant to e-learning environments are provided.
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