Kateryna Ignatova

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In this paper, we present a suite of flexible UIMA-based components for information retrieval research which have been successfully used (and re-used) in several projects in different application domains. Implementing the whole system as UIMA components is beneficial for configuration management, component reuse, implementation costs, analysis and(More)
We analyze the requirements for an educational Question Answering (QA) system operating on social media content. As a result, we identify a set of advanced natural language processing (NLP) technologies to address the challenges in educational QA. We conducted an inter-annotator agreement study on subjective question classification in the Yahoo!Answers(More)
We propose an original question generation task consisting in generating high quality questions from low quality questions. Such a system could be used to suggest improvements to questions asked both on social Q&A sites and to automatic QA systems. Low quality question datasets can be easily collected from the Web, based on the questions asked to social Q&A(More)
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