Katerina Salta

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The development of valid and reliable instruments for attitudes’ measurement has been proven crucial for the quality of research. This study is dealing with the development and validation of an attitude toward chemistry instrument. By using this instrument, 11th grade Greek students’ attitudes regarding the difficulty, the interest, the usefulness of(More)
In the first part of this work, a brief literature review is made on the issue of what is meant by “successful teaching experience”. Research has provided evidence for specific components that influence “success” namely beliefs for self-efficacy, feedback, possibility for student self-regulation and active participation, possibility for inquiry,(More)
We argue that the acquisition of chemistry expertise requires considerable conceptual changes, which among other things involve a change from reliance on visual-spatial thinking to the employment of analytic strategies. We also argue that this shift in chemistry and specifically in knowledge about molecular structure is related to the acquisition of(More)
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