Katerina Mavrou

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This chapter presents a pilot exploratory case study that seeks to bridge the classic gap between teacher preparation and practice by exploiting the affordances offered by digital simulations for contextualizing novice teachers' learning and pedagogy. Using the simulated classroom SimSchool as a virtual field experience, a teaching intervention focused on(More)
A crucial step in learning to fly an airplane is to use a simulator, where the risks are minimized or even eliminated, and similar problems and hazards can be replayed and reflected upon time after time. A key aspect of this case study is to exploit such techniques by adopting the latest technological developments in simulating teaching practice to give(More)
This paper presents part of a work-in-progress that aims to discuss issues of accessibility in higher education regarding equal opportunities in the use and access of information and technology for students with disabilities in Cyprus. All Cypriot university Websites have been examined using accessibility evaluation techniques and the provisions made by the(More)
Declining interest in mathematics and the need to raise the educational standards of youth in this discipline set a critical agenda for the revision of pedagogical practices. Tablet PCs and other mobile devices hold a lot of promise as tools for improving education at all levels. The research discussed in this chapter comes from an ongoing, multifaceted(More)
Access and equity in higher education is a complicated discipline related to social, economical, technological and political developments in a country. This paper is a work in progress and it aims to discuss issues of accessibility in Higher education regarding equal opportunities in the use of technology for students with disabilities. Accessibility to(More)
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