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In human recurrent cutaneous herpes simplex, there is a sequential infiltrate of CD4 and then CD8 lymphocytes into lesions. CD4 lymphocytes are the major producers of the key cytokine IFN-gamma in lesions. They recognize mainly structural proteins and especially glycoproteins D and B (gD and gB) when restimulated in vitro. Recent human vaccine trials using(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether severe mental illness (SMI) constitutes a risk for the acquisition of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), both locally and globally. METHOD Database searches revealed 51 eligible studies for the review. Studies with samples of patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Sex workers (SWs) are globally recognised to be at high risk for the acquisition and transmission of sexually transmissible infections (STIs). There is a paucity of published data concerning SWs from the western suburbs of Sydney, with the last published study conducted in 1988. Therefore, we conducted a study to determine the demographics,(More)
INTRODUCTION Previous investigation from UK sexual health clinics has suggested that men from Central Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds are more likely to present with premature ejaculation (PE) than men from Western backgrounds. This interesting finding requires replication, especially in populations from other countries. AIM The current study aimed(More)
We report a retrospective cross-sectional study from Western Sydney that assessed the sexual health characteristics of Indian-born patients attending sexual health services compared with Australian-born controls. The sexual health needs of Indian-born patients differed significantly from controls with those born in India reporting more sexual dysfunction(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess psychiatrists' Hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related knowledge and behaviour practices. METHOD A self-report survey was completed by doctors working at an urban psychiatric hospital in Australia. RESULTS Doctors working in psychiatry underestimated the prevalence of HCV infection for their patients and less than(More)
The aim of this review was to evaluate an 'Email a Clinician' link on a medically reviewed sexual health website, which was established to allow general practitioners (GPs) to communicate remotely with sexual health clinic specialists. The website was developed in consultation with GPs and extensively promoted throughout the relevant professional primary(More)
BACKGROUND Many suburban sexual health clinics exist in Australasia. However, sexual health research has hitherto been restricted to populations from major metropolitan centres. OBJECTIVE To describe the demographic, sexual characteristics and presenting diagnoses of 6521 new patients attending a sexual health clinic in the western suburbs of Sydney (New(More)