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Maritime route of colonization of Europe
Significance The question of colonization of Europe by Neolithic people of the Near East and their contribution to the farming economy of Europe has been addressed with extensive archaeologicalExpand
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Development of mass spectrometric methods for detecting arsenic-glutathione complexes
It has been suggested recently that arsenic-glutathione (As-GSH) complexes play an important role in the methylation of arsenic. The present study describes the development of high-performance liquidExpand
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Bipolar Mass Spectrometry of Labile Coordination Complexes, Redox Active Inorganic Compounds, and Proteins Using a Glass Nebulizer for Sonic-Spray Ionization
AbstractIn this study, we report on the development of a novel nebulizer configuration for sonic-spray ionization (SSI) mass spectrometry (MS), more specifically for a version of SSI that is referredExpand
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Use of 3-nitrobenzonitrile as an additive for improved sensitivity in sonic-spray ionization mass spectrometry.
RATIONALE Sonic-spray ionization (SSI) has been shown to produce gas-phase ions for a wide range of compounds, without the application of voltage or a laser. However, it remains to be shown that itExpand
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Mass spectrometric identification of novel arsinothioyl-sugars in marine bivalves and algae
Following recent reports on the detection of the new group of thioarsenosugars in marine molluscs we have developed two chromatographic methods in order to explore the presence of additional speciesExpand
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‘Suicide rates in Crete, Greece during the economic crisis: the effect of age, gender, unemployment and mental health service provision’
BackgroundRecently, suicides in Greece have drawn national and international interest due to the current economic crisis. According to published reports, suicides in Greece have increased up to 40%Expand
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Arsenic speciation in freshwater snails and its life cycle variation.
Terrestrial snails are consumed by humans occasionally and they are an important food source for many creatures including fish and birds. Little is known about arsenic speciation in these gastropods,Expand
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Comparative Evaluation of Drug Deposition in Hair Samples Collected from Different Anatomical Body Sites.
In this study, we focused on the validation of a method for the simultaneous detection and quantification of cannabinoids, cocaine and opiates in hair as well as on the distribution of the drugsExpand
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Characterization of Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate Formulations Using NMR Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry and Dynamic Light Scattering
Three different analytical techniques, namely NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and dynamic light scattering, were used to unravel the structure and morphology of polyglycerol polyricinoleateExpand
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Precursor ion scanning for the non-targeted detection of individual arsenosugars in extracts of marine organisms.
Arsenosugars are a group of arsenic compounds reported to be present in a wide variety of marine organisms. Numerous such compounds have been identified and characterized in marine organisms;Expand
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