Katerina Kaidoglou

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We have shown that manual stimulation of rat whisker-pad muscles following facial-facial-anastomosis (FFA) restores normal whisking by lowering the proportion of polyinnervated motor endplates. Here we examined whether manual stimulation of the orbicularis oculi muscle (OOM) after FFA would also improve outcome. Blink responses to standardized air puffs(More)
UNLABELLED The outcome of peripheral nerve injuries requiring surgical repair is poor. Recent work suggested that electrical stimulation (ES) of the proximal nerve stump to produce repeated discharges of the parent motoneurons for one hour could be a beneficial therapy if delivered immediately prior to reconstructive surgery of mixed peripheral nerves. (More)
Functional recovery following facial nerve injury is poor. Neuromuscular junctions (NMJs) are "bridged" by terminal Schwann cells and numerous regenerating axonal sprouts. We have shown that this poly-innervation of NMJs can be reduced by manual stimulation (MS) with restoration of whisking function. In addition, we have recently reported that insulin-like(More)
The events initiating the expression of odontoblastic potential by pulpal ectomesenchymal cells were investigated by exposing the pulp to demineralized, native and unmineralized autogenous dentine. The pulp responses to implants were histologically evaluated 3, 7 and 10 days postoperatively, while the surface structure of the newly mineralized matrices was(More)
We have recently shown that manual stimulation of target muscles promotes functional recovery after transection and surgical repair to pure motor nerves (facial: whisking and blink reflex; hypoglossal: tongue position). However, following facial nerve repair, manual stimulation is detrimental if sensory afferent input is eliminated by, e.g., infraorbital(More)
Current levels of ambient air particulate matter (PM) are associated with mortality and morbidity in urban populations worldwide. Nevertheless, current knowledge does not allow precise quantification or definitive ranking of the health effects of individual PM components and indeed, associations may be the result of multiple components acting on different(More)
The outcome of peripheral nerve injuries requiring surgical repair is poor. Recent work has suggested that electrical stimulation (ES) of denervated muscles could be beneficial. Here we tested whether ES has a positive influence on functional recovery after injury and surgical repair of the facial nerve. Outcomes at 2 months were compared to animals(More)
The fine structure of bronchial epithelium in thirty-six patients, thirty-one men and five women, suffering from chronic obstructive pneumonopathy or bronchial carcinoma was studied. No remarkable alterations were found with electron microscopy, in most non-smokers in contrast to the smokers who presented destruction of the epithelial cells and loss of the(More)
The present study investigates whether under conditions of successive hypoxic exposures pretreatment with mild (15% O(2)) or moderate (10% O(2)) hypoxia, protects hippocampal neurones against damage induced by severe (3% O(2)) hypoxia. The ultrastructural findings were also correlated with regional superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity changes. In(More)
The response of ectomesenchymal cells of dog dental pulp to implantation of Millipore filters supplemented with bovine plasma fibronectin was evaluated after observation periods of one or four weeks. Two concentrations of plasma fibronectin were used (0.2 and 1 mg/mL). Experiments also included implants treated with control solutions (PBS or 1 mg/mL of dog(More)