Katerina Gonzalez

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We propose a numerical method to approximate the value function for the optimal stopping problem of a piecewise deterministic Markov process (PDMP). Our approach is based on quantization of the post jump location – inter-arrival time Markov chain naturally embedded in the PDMP, and path-adapted time discretization grids. It allows us to derive bounds for(More)
The in vitro and in vivo effect of prolactin (PRL) on kidney macrophages from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) was investigated under the assumption that PRL stimulates immune innate response in mammals. Kidney macrophages were treated two ways: first, cultured in RPMI 1640 medium containing 10, 25, 50 and 100 ng/mL of PRL and second, isolated from a fish with(More)
The inhibitory subunit (PDE gamma) of the cGMP phosphodiesterase (PDE alpha beta gamma 2) in rod outer segments (ROS) realizes its regulatory role in phototransduction by inhibition of PDE alpha beta catalytic activity. The photoreceptor G-protein, transducin, serves as a transducer from the receptor (rhodopsin) to the effector (PDE) and eliminates the(More)
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