Katerina Georgiou

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Polymersomes, polymeric vesicles that self-assemble in aqueous solutions from block copolymers, have been avidly investigated in recent years as potential drug delivery agents. Past work has highlighted peptide-functionalized polymersomes as a highly promising targeted delivery system. However, few reports have investigated the ability of polymersomes to(More)
Microbes influence soil organic matter decomposition and the long-term stabilization of carbon (C) in soils. We contend that by revising the representation of microbial processes and their interactions with the physicochemical soil environment, Earth system models (ESMs) will make more realistic global C cycle projections. Explicit representation of(More)
Stem cell differentiation can be highly sensitive to mechanical inputs from the extracellular matrix (ECM). Identifying temporal windows during which lineage commitment responds to ECM stiffness, and the signals that mediate these decisions, would advance both mechanistic insights and translational efforts. To address these questions, we investigate adult(More)
Many studies have shown that elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations result in increased plant carbon inputs to soil that can accelerate the decomposition of native soil organic matter, an effect known as priming. Consequently, it is important to understand and quantify the priming effect for future predictions of carbon-climate feedbacks. There are(More)
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