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The 2011 uprisings in the Arab Middle East: political change and geopolitical implications
The Arab uprisings of 2011 are still unfolding, but we can already discern patterns of their effects on the Middle East region. This article offers a brief chronology of events, highlighting theirExpand
US democracy promotion in the Arab Middle East since 11 September 2001: a critique
Promoting democracy in the Middle East has been a key foreign policy objective of the Bush administration since n September 2001. Democratizing the Arab world, in particular, is seen as an importantExpand
Political Islam in Tunisia: the history of Ennahda
Political Islam in Tunisia: the history of Ennahda, by Anne Wolf, London, Hurst & Co, 2017, 269 pp., (hardback) ISBN 9780190670757
Islamist terrorism and the Middle East democratic deficit: Political exclusion, repression and the causes of extremism
The terrorist attacks of September 11 created a consensus among Western, and in particular US, policy makers that authoritarianism in the Middle East undermined Western interests by contributing toExpand
Women and gender in the Middle East and North Africa: mapping the field and addressing policy dilemmas at the post-2011 juncture
This report offers a “map” of the diverse situations of women in the post-2011 MENA region. It shows that there have been tremendous achievements and improvements in the lives of women in health andExpand
Islam, Liberalism and Human Rights: Implications for International Relations
This timely book, newly revised for this edition, addresses the question of human rights in the international context, focusing in particular on the interaction between human rights as a value andExpand
Beyond a self-fulfilling prophecy: religion and conflict in the Middle East
Primordialism is back with a vengeance when it comes to analysing conflict in the Middle East. However, Libya and Egypt help us put religion in its proper place.
Engagement or Coercion?: Weighing Western Human Rights Policies towards Turkey, Iran, and Egypt
This study analyzes the impact of U.S. and European states' human rights policies on Turkey, Iran and Egypt. It concludes that, contrary to conventional wisdom, cooperative engagement with theseExpand
Homosexuality as cultural battleground in the Middle East: culture and postcolonial international theory
The culture wars over homosexuality in the Middle East are studied here in the context of the theoretical debate on culture in International Relations and, more specifically, through a criticalExpand