Katelyn R Barnes

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Seawater-acclimated eurythermic mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus L.) were acclimated to cold and warm conditions (5 and 20 °C, 4 weeks). Opercular epithelia (OE) from 20 °C-acclimated animals, containing numerous mitochondrion-rich chloride cells were mounted in Ussing-style membrane chambers, cooled to 16, 13, 10, 5 and 2.5 °C, then subjected to hypotonic(More)
Active chloride secretion, measured as short-circuit current (Isc) in ionocytes of opercular epithelia (OE) in the eurythermic, euryoxic, and euryhaline killifish or mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) was studied in cold (5°C) and warm (20°C) acclimated fish to determine if homeoviscous adaptation aided chloride secretion in the cold. Isolated opercular(More)
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