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Obesity is one major risk factor for the development of arterial hypertension, and the development of obesity-related hypertension has been associated with increased plasma aldosterone levels. Our previous work shows a direct stimulatory effect of adipokines on aldosterone secretion from human adrenocortical cells, mediated via ERK1/2-dependent upregulation(More)
OBJECTIVES Hypertension is a major complication of overweight with frequently elevated aldosterone levels in obese patients. Our previous work suggests a direct stimulation of adrenal aldosterone secretion by adipocytes. Owing to aldosterone's important role in maintaining blood pressure homeostasis, its regulation in obesity is of major importance. One(More)
A high-precision, low-voltage, low-power Σ∆ modulator has been designed using a delayed input feedforward architecture and a tracking multi-bit quantizer employing a single comparator. A 0.18-µm CMOS experimental prototype achieves 100 dB of dynamic range, 100-dB peak SNR and 95-dB peak SNDR for a signal bandwidth of 25 kHz, while consuming only 870 µW of(More)
A novel method of noise reduction, referred to as zero-pole modulation and demodulation, is proposed for charge amplifiers in imaging and sensor systems. In this method, the input signal is passed through a zero-pole system without being modified. However, the noise at the output of the charge amplifier is reduced by the demodulation. An experimental charge(More)
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