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BACKGROUND Shock and severe tissue injury lead to an endogenous coagulopathy mediated by activation of Protein C and hyperfibrinolysis known as acute traumatic coagulopathy. Together, hemodilution, acidosis, inflammation, and hypothermia result in a global trauma-induced coagulopathy. Coagulopathy in trauma is associated with mortality. Early and effective(More)
AIM The article reports on the recommendations from the Diabetes Primary Prevention Project that was initiated and funded by the Division of Diabetes Translation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and developed by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. METHOD Essential components of statewide programs are delineated for effective(More)
BACKGROUND We performed this study to optimize reconstituted lyophilized plasma (LP) into a minimal volume fluid that provides effective hemostatic resuscitation for trauma while minimizing logistical limitations. METHODS We performed a prospective, blinded animal study. Plasma was lyophilized following whole blood collection from anesthetized swine. The(More)
There is no doubt that we live in a digital age. The idea of " literacy " as we once knew it only partially covers the communication capacities, competencies and comportments needed in the contemporary world. Digital tools and practices permeate our everyday activities and organize how we work, learn, shop, play, retrieve information, access services and(More)
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