Kate Vowell

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Otitis media with effusion (OME) is the commonest cause of hearing loss in children, yet the underlying genetic pathways and mechanisms involved are incompletely understood. Ventilation of the middle ear with tympanostomy tubes is the commonest surgical procedure in children and the best treatment for chronic OME, but the mechanism by which they work(More)
GNAS/Gnas encodes G(s)α that is mainly biallelically expressed but shows imprinted expression in some tissues. In Albright Hereditary Osteodystrophy (AHO) heterozygous loss of function mutations of GNAS can result in ectopic ossification that tends to be superficial and attributable to haploinsufficiency of biallelically expressed G(s)α. Oed-Sml is a point(More)
The murine intestinal tract represents a difficult organ system to study due to its long convoluted tubular structure, narrow diameter, and delicate mucosa which undergoes rapid changes after sampling prior to fixation. These features do not make for easy histological analysis as rapid fixation in situ, or after simple removal without careful dissection,(More)
Sudden or unexpected deaths in experimental mice can be potential causes of lost data or lost opportunities to diagnose health problems. In small animal units and in particular out of normal working hours there may not be the time or expertise available to attempt a careful dissection on unscheduled mortalities or moribund animals. This paper outlines a(More)
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