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Screening people for serious diseases is receiving increasing attention as studies demonstrates the potential benefits of early detection and early intervention in preventing morbidity and mortality. Screening tests are available for some of the most important noncommunicable diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and several(More)
An apparent increase in young people dying suddenly from acute asthma has been<lb>noted in the past 2 years in Auckland. 22 fatal cases were reviewed. Prescribing habits<lb>for asthma therapy have been changing in New Zealand, with a considerable increase<lb>in the use of oral theophylline drugs, particularly sustained-release preparations,<lb>which in many(More)
The DYSCERNE Network of Centres of Expertise for dysmorphology (http://www.dyscerne.org), is developing clinical management guidelines for Williams (WS), Angelman (AS), Noonan (NS) and Kabuki (KS) syndromes. An initial scoping exercise identified these conditions as rare, complex, multi-system disorders, for which it was felt that affected patients,(More)
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