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PURPOSE Community-based clinical teachers provide an important cadre of faculty for medical education. This study was designed to examine the feasibility and value of an American College of Physicians-sponsored regional teaching improvement program for community-based teachers. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We conducted five regional (Connecticut, New(More)
1. The regulation of fatty acid biosynthesis was studied inAcinetobacter strainHOl-N, a microorganism which grows on long chain paraffinic hydrocarbons. Dual-label experiments with acetate-3H and palmitate-1-14C were designed to assess the differences in fatty acid metabolism between hexadecane-and acetategrown cells: 2. Experiments involving non-growing(More)
Survivors of sexual assault can access treatment and care within genitourinary (GU) medicine services by attending walk-in, booked or a dedicated clinic. Haven Whitechapel the local Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) provides a forensic and aftercare service. A team was set up to ensure efficient communication and clear referral pathways between the(More)
The mobilized coronary care system in Columbus, Ohio, began with operation of a single vehicle with a physician in attendance. Currently, advanced emergency medical technician-paramedics work without direct physician supervision. When both experiences are compared, the results indicate that advanced emergency medical technician-paramedics working(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine ethnic differences in the socio-epidemiological and clinical characteristics of a cohort of women with HIV infection in Britain and Ireland. DESIGN AND METHODS Analysis of baseline data (ethnic group, sexual history, likely route of HIV infection, reasons for HIV testing and first AIDS-defining disease) from 400 women with HIV(More)
Eating disorders can be a life threatening illness not only due to the effects of starvation, but also the effects of impaired capacity. At Robina Hospital, patients admitted with a BMI < 14 are admitted to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) for nutritional restoration and medical management before being transferred to a suitable mental health ward for ongoing(More)
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