Kate R Hudson

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Four hundred and fifty patients aged 75 years or older were followed up after discharge from an accident and emergency department. Forty-three per cent of all patients experienced some loss of functional independence. A small number, 5.6%, were readmitted to hospital within 14 days. This group were significantly less able to perform certain activities of(More)
There is increased demand for emergency healthcare by the public when abroad. This study aimed to investigate adults' reported level of knowledge about how to contact emergency healthcare services while abroad. A street survey was administered at various times, over several days, to 554 members of the general public who had been abroad in the previous 18(More)
Background: Falls in hospitals often cause injury, prolonged hospital stays, functional decline and increased morbidity and mortality. Elderly patients are at a high risk of falls due to muscle weakness, poor gait, sensory disturbance, medication related cognitive impairment, and basic physiologic changes. Falls are the most commonly documented accidents in(More)
Factor structures obtained by exploratory factor analysis (EFA) often turn out to fit poorly in confirmative follow-up studies. In the present study, the authors assessed the extent to which results obtained in EFA studies can be replicated by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in the same sample. More specifically, the authors used CFA to test three(More)
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