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Fermentation conditions are described for the production of the antitumor antibiotic 7-(S)-brefeldin-A (brefeldin-A) in liquid culture byEupenicillium brefeldianum, (B. Dodge) Stolk and Scott, ATCC 58665. An analytical hplc method was developed which allowed rapid quantitation of the compound during fermentation. A kilogram of brefeldin-A was isolated from(More)
Proline is typically the most abundant amino acid present in grape juice and wine. The amount present is influenced by viticultural and winemaking factors and can be of diagnostic importance. A method for rapid routine quantitation of proline would therefore be of benefit for wine researchers and the industry in general. Colorimetric determination utilizing(More)
The imino amino acid, proline, has roles in both cellular nutrition and response to stress. Proline uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is largely mediated by a high affinity, specific permease, Put4p, and a low affinity general amino acid permease, Gap1p. Both are subject to nitrogen catabolite repression (NCR) and nitrogen catabolite inactivation (NCI). In(More)
While membrane models now include the heterogeneous distribution of lipids, the impact of membrane charges on regulating the association of proteins with the plasma membrane is often overlooked. Charged lipids are asymmetrically distributed between the two leaflets of the plasma membrane, resulting in the inner leaflet being negatively charged and a surface(More)
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