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BACKGROUND Elderly stroke survivors have been reported to be at risk of malnutrition and depression. Vitamin B-related metabolites such as methylmalonic acid and homocysteine have been implicated in depression. OBJECTIVE We conducted a study exploring the relationship between homocysteine and post-stroke depression. DESIGN THREE METHODOLOGIES WERE USED:(More)
Associations have been reported between vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene polymorphisms, type 1 diabetes, insulin secretion, and the insulin resistance syndrome. As VDR polymorphisms have no known functional significance, these findings may implicate a variant of the VDR gene or a locus in linkage disequilibrium with the VDR. We have examined VDR mRNA and VDR(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is common in elderly stroke survivors and has been associated with systemic inflammation. We aimed to investigate an elderly population of Swedish stroke patients for evidence of sustained peripheral inflammation 18 months post-stroke and to identify if inflammation is associated with post-stroke depression at 18 months post-stroke. (More)
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