Kate McCurdy

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A movement to create a global patient registry for as many as 7,000 rare diseases was launched at a workshop, "Advancing Rare Disease Research: The Intersection of Patient Registries, Biospecimen Repositories, and Clinical Data." http://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/PATIENT_REGISTRIES_WORKSHOP/. The workshop was sponsored by the Office of Rare Diseases Research(More)
The use of linked data within languagelearning applications is an open research question. A research prototype is presented that applies linked-data principles to store linguistic annotation generated from language-learning content using a variety of NLP tools. The result is a database that links learning content, linguistic annotation and open-source(More)
Much of the research in experimental pragmatics has focused on how people use the presence of weak scalar terms (like " some ") to infer that a stronger alternative (like " all ") is false. While earlier work found that comprehenders initially interpret " some " without this upper bound, recent work suggests that the inference can be immediate [Grodner,(More)
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