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Microblogs such as Twitter are important sources for spreading vital information at high speed. They also reflect the general people's reaction and opinion towards major events or stories. With information traveling so quickly, it is helpful to be able to apply unsupervised learning techniques to discover topics for information extraction and analysis.(More)
We approach this writing from opposite ends of our careers in action research and organization development. Peter's first engagement with organization development was in the late 1960s, when he moved into an internal consulting position to help implement a formal change management strategy within the UK-based multinational ICI, which was at that time a(More)
Construction of a nearest neighbor graph is often a necessary step in many machine learning applications. However, constructing such a graph is computation-ally expensive, especially when the data is of high dimensionality. In this work, we focus on the use of two tree structures, k-d trees and ball trees, to implement nearest neighbor graph construction.(More)
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