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In rats housed normally (aggregated, food and water ad lib) for fourteen days delta8-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) produced mild sedation and minimal hypothermia. An increase in noradrenaline synthesis was observed, but brain dopamine metabolism was unchanged. In rats removed from this 'normal' environment to conditions of isolation and food deprivation for 24(More)
F ollowing thirty years of Washington Consensus policies, the new millennium saw Latin America adopt a wide range of new economic and social development policies that were leftist-oriented. A new role was seen for the state, including the state at local level. In Colombia, the city of Medellín has spearheaded this new movement for local activism, and the(More)
This study reports on the development and outcome of a Low Threshold Clinic (LTC) for opiate-dependent drug users. The service originated as a nursing initiative within an inner city Drug Dependency Centre (DDC) and its rationale and treatment approach are explored in relation to the literature and local circumstances. Client baseline and outcome data were(More)
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