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Several authors have alluded to the complex health needs of the homeless population in the UK. The correlation between homelessness and a wide range of health problems has been explored in the literature. This paper presents a literature review exploring the biological, psychosocial and sexual health needs of single homeless people. The relationship between(More)
BACKGROUND The past three decades have seen rapid improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of most cancers and the most important contributor has been research. Progress in rare cancers has been slower, not least because of the challenges of undertaking research. SETTINGS The International Rare Cancers Initiative (IRCI) is a partnership which aims to(More)
AIM Serum troponin is now the preferred biochemical marker for myocardial infarction. The aim of this study was to investigate general practitioner (GP) knowledge and use of serum troponin testing in primary healthcare. METHODS We sent a postal survey about troponin testing to all GPs in the Wellington region (n=299) of New Zealand. RESULTS Of the 299(More)
This paper explores the complexities of the internationalisation of the nursing curriculum. It discusses one aspect of the international activity within a British University, a short student exchange programme and how this facilitates personal and professional learning. The paper focuses on the educational, professional, geo-political and philosophical(More)
The concepts of culture and homelessness are both complex and contested. This paper examines homelessness through the lens of transcultural nursing theory, increasing understanding of both homelessness and transcultural theory. We argue that homelessness can be usefully conceptualised as a culture and that the application of transcultural theory to caring(More)
The relationship between nursing and sociology has been extensively debated for more than two decades [Cox, C.A., 1979. Who cares? Nursing and sociology: the development of a symbiotic relationship. Journal of Advanced Nursing 4, 237-252; Cooke, H., 1993. Why teach sociology? Nurse Education Today 13, (3) 210-216; Sharpe, K., 1994. Sociology and the nursing(More)
This article explores the development and implementation of an internationally agreed module, the European Nursing Module. This module comprises 4 weeks of student learning and is coordinated by a network of 26 colleges in 14 European countries. It is hoped that through the module, students are helped to acquire cultural sensitivity, which leads toward the(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the development of a cultural care framework that seeks to inform and embrace the philosophical ideals of caring science. Following a review of the literature that identified a lack of evidence of an explicit relationship between caring science and cultural care, a number of well-established transcultural care frameworks(More)
AIM Serum troponin is a widely used biomarker for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction (MI). The aim of this audit was to document the actual clinical circumstances when serum troponin tests are used to assess chest pain in primary healthcare. METHODS We undertook an audit of general practitioner (GP) serum troponin requests made to community(More)