Kate L Shires

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In isolated hippocampal slices, decaying long-term potentiation can be stabilized and converted to late long-term potentiation lasting many hours, by prior or subsequent strong high-frequency tetanization of an independent input to a common population of neurons-a phenomenon known as 'synaptic tagging and capture'. Here we show that the same phenomenon(More)
Visual landmarks exert stimulus control over spatial behavior and the spatially tuned firing of place, head-direction, and grid cells in the rodent. However, the neural site of convergence for representations of landmarks and representations of space has yet to be identified. A potential site of plasticity underlying associations with landmarks is the(More)
The laterodorsal nucleus (LDN) of the thalamus provides a prominent afferent projection to the postsubiculum (dorsal presubiculum). To characterize synaptic transmission in this pathway, we placed stimulating electrodes in the LDN and recorded fEPSPs elicited in the postsubiculum of urethane-anesthetized rats. LDN stimulation elicited a source-sink dipole(More)
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