Kate L. Gilbert

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UNLABELLED Ictal brain SPECT (IS) findings in neocortical epilepsy (patients without mesiotemporal sclerosis) can be subtle. This study is aimed at assessing how the seizure focus identification was improved by the inclusion of individual IS and interictal brain SPECT (ITS)-MRI image registration as well as performing IS - ITS image subtraction. METHODS(More)
Exercise is a potent stimulus for release of growth hormone (GH), cortisol, testosterone and prolactin, and prolonged exercise inhibits insulin secretion. These responses seem to be specific to the type of exercise but this has been poorly characterised primarily because they have not been compared during exercise performed by the same individuals. We(More)
A single 30-s sprint is a potent physiological stimulus for growth hormone (GH) release. However, repeated bouts of sprinting attenuate the GH response, possibly due to negative feedback via elevated systemic free fatty acids (FFA). The aim of the study was to use nicotinic acid (NA) to suppress lipolysis to investigate whether serum FFA can modulate the GH(More)
  • K L Gilbert
  • 2000
Convulsive or generalized tonic clonic status epilepticus (SE) is a neurological emergency that can lead to transient or permanent brain damage or even death. An algorithm was designed to aid nursing and medical staff members in decision making about the type of SE and pharmacological intervention needed to stop prolonged or repetitive seizures. Fifteen(More)
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