Kate L Fuller

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Three portable blood lactate analysers, Lactate Pro (LP), Lactate Scout (LS) and Lactate Plus (L(+)), were evaluated. Analyser reliability and accuracy was assessed. For reliability, intra- and inter-analyser comparisons demonstrated that the LP (intra-TE = 0.5 mM, inter-TE = 0.4 mM) and L(+) (intra-TE = 0.4, inter-TE = 0.4 mM) displayed greater overall(More)
OBJECTIVES Actical® actigraphy is commonly used to monitor athlete sleep. The proprietary software, called Actiware®, processes data with three different sleep-wake thresholds (Low, Medium or High), but there is no standardisation regarding their use. The purpose of this study was to examine validity and bias of the sleep-wake thresholds for processing(More)
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