Kate L Fuller

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Three portable blood lactate analysers, Lactate Pro (LP), Lactate Scout (LS) and Lactate Plus (L(+)), were evaluated. Analyser reliability and accuracy was assessed. For reliability, intra- and inter-analyser comparisons demonstrated that the LP (intra-TE = 0.5 mM, inter-TE = 0.4 mM) and L(+) (intra-TE = 0.4, inter-TE = 0.4 mM) displayed greater overall(More)
Milk fat is encapsulated in a milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) that contains bioactive glycoproteins and glycolipids. The MFGM inhibits infectivity of rotavirus (RV), activity that has been attributed to its glycoprotein and carbohydrate components. However, previous studies of proteins and oligosaccharides in the MGFM have not accounted for all the(More)
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