Kate L. Berlin

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This study investigated (a) attitudes toward service use among wife caregivers of frail older veterans; and (b) the relationship between those attitudes and service utilization by the wives. The study focused on three sets of attitudinal variables: attitudes towards various kinds of dependencies; individual and family ethos concerning service use; and(More)
Following exposure to traumatic events, approximately 19% of combat veterans develop posttraumatic stress disorder. One of the main symptoms of this mental illness is reexperiencing the trauma, which is commonly expressed in the form of chronic trauma-related nightmares. In these patients, nightmares can fragment sleep, decrease sleep quality, and even(More)
Women with a personal or maternal history of breast cancer experience psychological stress in relation to breast cancer risk, and adolescent and young adult daughters are particularly at risk for experiencing stress related to their mothers’ history of breast cancer. The current study examined interpersonal and biological stress responses during a(More)
This study investigated patterns and predictors of service utilization among wife caregivers of frail older veterans. The study focused on the following sets of variables: predisposing, enabling, care-receiver need, and caregiver need. Respondents were 80 wife caregivers of frail older (age 55+) veterans at a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center(More)
would also like to thank Fiona Yull and Ana Grau for their collaboration and confidence in this project. I am indebted to my parents, Penny and Chuck, for all their encouragement and support throughout my graduate education, to Nancy and Norman for their optimism and kindness, to Cynthia for her guidance and wisdom, to Michele for her mentorship, and to(More)
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