Kate Kuznetsova

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Phosphotransacetylase (Pta) [EC] plays a major role in acetate metabolism by catalyzing the reversible transfer of the acetyl group between coenzyme A (CoA) and orthophosphate: CH3COSCoA+HPO $$_{4}^{2-}\rightleftarrows$$ CH3COOPO 3 2− +CoASH. In this study, we report the crystal structures of Pta from Bacillus subtilis at 2.75 Å resolution and its(More)
To the Editor: We read with great interest the article of Chiva-Blanch et al recently published in your journal. This randomized controlled trial evaluates the impact of dealcoholized red wine (DRW) on blood pressure (BP) in patients with high cardiovascular risk and concludes on its ability to lower BP. Although excited about the interesting results of(More)
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