Kate Keeley

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The clinical features of long bone infarction in patients with sickle cell disease have not been well defined, and differentiation of bone infarct from osteomyelitis has accordingly been difficult. We reviewed records from 192 children with sickle hemoglobinopathies and identified 41 episodes of acute long bone infarction in 21 patients. The most commonly(More)
Control-related variables have clearly affected stress responses in previous research (Thompson, 1981). Prior work, however, has primarily emphasized the amount of control that subjects perceive they have. In the three studies reported here, we examined the added predictive utility of assessing subjects' desire for control. Data from all three studies(More)
Pregnant albino mice were subjected to stress by crowding. When the litters encountered unfamiliar stimuli, they were less active, they were slower to respond, and they defecated less than control mice. These differences persisted at 30 and 100 days of age, whether the mice were raised by a crowded or by an uncrowded mother, and in spite of starvation. One(More)