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The prevalence of polycystic kidney disease was assessed in 132 Persian cats, 46 of them referred for the investigation and treatment of medical or surgical conditions, and 86 apparently healthy cats referred specifically to be screened for the disease. Cats referred for the investigation of renomegaly or renal failure were excluded, and cats under 10(More)
A 15-month-old bitch was presented for investigation of a two-month history of dysuria. Clinical signs had developed within one day of routine ovariohysterectomy. A rounded mass was palpable in the caudal abdomen which was shown radiographically to displace and compress the urinary bladder. On ultrasonography, the mass was composed primarily of pockets of(More)
A retrospective study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of different diseases in cats referred for investigation of chronic nasal disease, to identify historical, clinical and diagnostic features which may assist in making a diagnosis, and to provide information pertaining to outcome in these cats. Diagnoses included neoplasia (30 cases), chronic(More)
OBJECTIVES To make an objective assessment of the usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of meniscal damage and cranial cruciate ligament disease in the canine stifle by comparing magnetic resonance imaging findings with surgical findings. METHODS Magnetic resonance images of 18 stifles from 18 dogs which had undergone magnetic(More)
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is the most prevalent inherited genetic disease in cats with Persian and Persian-related breeds predominantly affected. Diagnosis of PKD relied on ultrasound scanning until the recent development of the PKD gene test. However, gene testing has limitations as it will only identify the autosomal dominant form of PKD and not(More)
Powder and granular activated charcoal were evaluated for ethanol adsorptivity from aqueous mixtures using an adsorption isotherm. Ethanol adsorption capacity was more pronounced at 25 degrees C as compared to 5, 15, and 40 degrees C. When pH of the ethanol-buffer mixture (0.09 ionic strength) was changed from acidic (2.3) to neutral and then to alkaline(More)
The superficial supramammary lymph nodes of 54 lactating dairy cows were examined ultrasonographically with a 7.5 MHz linear transducer; each node was measured in two planes within 24 hours of recording the milk somatic cell count. In most cows, the nodes were well demarcated from the surrounding tissue. The parenchyma of the nodes ranged from hypoechoic to(More)
This article describes the MRI features of a middle ear cholesteatoma in an 8 yr old flat-coated retriever. Physical examination revealed pain on opening the jaw, and otoscopic examination showed tympanic membrane rupture associated with hyperplastic tissue at the entrance of the middle ear. Standard MRI sequences allowed for the identification of a(More)