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"Limber" refers to an interconnected system of wearable, sensor-enabled components and game-like desktop software, designed to reduce repetitive stress injury among knowledge workers. Regular bodily movement/exercise and maintenance of good posture is rewarded with within a game experience during the course of a workday. We present two design and evaluation(More)
Kate Hartman is the Distributed Spacecraft Thrust Area Manager for NASA' s Cross Enterprise Technology Development Program. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from John Hopkins University. Ms. Hartman' s primary technical interests are mission(More)
Monarch is a wearable and muscle-activated kinetic textile. It consists of textile forms attached to the shoulders that expand and contract in response to the movement of the wearer's muscles. By physically extending natural body language, Monarch explores how wearable technologies can be used as a form of personal expression, as well as how and when they(More)
Limber is an office "exergame" aimed at incentivizing regular body movement and good posture. In this paper we describe our progression in design and implementation from a wearable system targeting repetitive stress injury to the back, wrist and neck, to our current vision-based system focused on posture, gross motor mobility and whole body stretches. We(More)
We report results of a recently-completed pre-Formulation Phase study of SPIRIT, a candidate NASA Origins Probe mission. SPIRIT is a spatial and spectral interferometer with an operating wavelength range 25-400 µm. SPIRIT will provide sub-arcsecond resolution images and spectra with resolution R = 3000 in a 1 arcmin field of view to accomplish three primary(More)
economy is growing and with it the international trade that helps fuel our standard of living. International trade accounted for almost a quarter of our GDP in 2004 and is predicted to continue to grow. The downside of this growth is that increases in the volume of trade are stressing our transportation network and that we simply cannot add enough new(More)
This studio will introduce the communication and construction techniques necessary to create wireless wearable devices. Participants will learn how to communicate using XBee radios, including digital, analog, input and output modes along with an overview of other useful features. Participants will also learn how to translate circuits onto fabric by making(More)
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