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BACKGROUND The prevalence and socioeconomic burden of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and associated co-morbidities are rising worldwide. AIMS This guideline provides evidence-based recommendations for preventing T2DM. METHODS A European multidisciplinary consortium systematically reviewed the evidence on the effectiveness of screening and interventions for T2DM(More)
When we ask people what they value most, health is usually top of the list. While effective care is available for many chronic diseases, the fact remains that for the patient, the tax payer and the whole of society: prevention is better than cure. Diabetes and its complications are a serious threat to the survival and well-being of an increasing number of(More)
This study examined the patterning of acute affective responses to prescribed and self-selected exercise intensities in a young adolescent population. Twenty-two young adolescents (13.3 +/- .33 years) completed a maximal exercise test to identify ventilatory threshold (VT). Participants then completed two prescribed intensities (one set above and one below(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the validity of predicting the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2(max)) of sedentary men from sub-maximal VO2 values obtained during a perceptually regulated exercise test. Thirteen healthy, sedentary males aged 29-52 years completed five graded exercise tests on a cycle ergometer. The first and fifth test involved a graded(More)
Culturally Deaf adults lost hearing at early ages, communicate primarily in American Sign Language (ASL), and self-identify as culturally Deaf. Communication barriers lead to isolation, low self-esteem, abuse, and inadequate health care. Screening Deaf patients for depressive symptoms poses challenge. Nurses are rarely familiar with ASL, and depression(More)
BACKGROUND To develop more efficient programmes for promoting dietary and/or physical activity change (in order to prevent type 2 diabetes) it is critical to ensure that the intervention components and characteristics most strongly associated with effectiveness are included. The aim of this systematic review of reviews was to identify intervention(More)
This study has used qualitative hermeneutics to explore the patient's experience of treatment for hepatitis C. Hepatitis C treatment may pose numerous physical and emotional challenges. There is a need to understand the experience from a holistic nursing perspective in order to facilitate the patient's well-being. Individuals undergoing combination(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare hospital staff nurses to public health liaison nurses in the accuracy and cost of postpartum referrals for public health nursing follow-up in the community. In the before phase of the study, public health liaison nurses assessed 304 mothers to determine the need for a follow-up visit by the public health nurse. In(More)
BACKGROUND Health care providers commonly discuss depressive symptoms with clients, enabling earlier intervention. Such discussions rarely occur between providers and Deaf clients. Most culturally Deaf adults experience early-onset hearing loss, self-identify as part of a unique culture, and communicate in the visual language of American Sign Language(More)
BACKGROUND The marked increase of type 2 diabetes necessitates active development and implementation of efficient prevention programs. A European level action has been taken by launching the IMAGE project to unify and improve the various prevention management concepts, which currently exist within the EU. This report describes the background and the methods(More)