Kate E. Davidson

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Freshwater ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to the effects of alien species and decapod crustaceans, notably crayfish, are a principal threat. Although symbiotic fauna may influence the impact and dispersal of introduced species, this is often overlooked. Here we provide the first record of non-native ecto-symbiotic branchiobdellidan worms on invasive(More)
Biological invasions are a principal threat to global biodiversity and identifying the determinants of non-native species’ success is a conservation priority. Through their ability to regulate host populations, parasites are increasingly considered as important in determining the outcome of species’ invasions. Here, we present novel evidence that the common(More)
This is an Open distribution, Abstract – The impact of invasive species on the recipient ecosystem can be strongly influenced by the presenceof associated symbionts. It is therefore important to evaluate the likelihoodof co-introduced symbiont establishment, and this requires an understanding of their life history traits. Here, we investigate survival,(More)
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