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  • Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Richard Johnson, +62 authors Jen Ziemke
  • 2011
Disaster Disaster r t future Disaster Disaster elief Disaster relief Disaster r uture the future uture UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UN OCHA is the arm of the United Nations Secretariat that is responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure coherent response to emergencies. OCHA also ensures there is a framework(More)
  • Kate Chapman
  • 2003
Over the past four years of my degree I have had a mostly positive experience of clinical mentorship. Despite this, I am aware that students are frequently overlooked as members of the interprofessional team and I have heard qualified staff refer to students as a hindrance to their normal working pattern. Why aren't students seen as a resource?
  • Kate Chapman
  • 2005
art gallery 44 ARTIST STATEMENT My sculptures represent motion in static form. Using digital tools, the shapes are derived from various animations of a figure, with the arc of a body's motion defining each form. Though the work may be compared to early Modernist paintings by Duchamp and Balla, they depict time as a continuum, rather than as a collection of(More)