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Like other forms of infant feeding, breastfeeding is a fundamental act of care. Yet despite being the recommended way of feeding babies, breastfeeding is not always easy to do. In addition to lack of support, bio-physical problems and the need to return to work; discomfort with breastfeeding in public is a factor shaping infant feeding choice (and the(More)
The UK has some of the lowest breastfeeding duration rates in the industrialised world. This paper considers women's experiences breastfeeding in public as a factor in breastfeeding duration. Research is based on an analysis of: 11 interviews and a 46-person survey of new mothers in Southampton, Hampshire; 180 postings about breastfeeding in public on UK(More)
In this paper, we explore the relationship between creative practice, activism, and urban place-making by considering the role they play in the construction of meaning in urban spaces. Through an analysis of two activist groups based in Stokes Croft, Bristol (UK), we argue that cultural activism provides new political prospects within the wider context of(More)
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