Kate Bennett

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BACKGROUND The evaluation of interventions and policies designed to promote resilience, and research to understand the determinants and associations, require reliable and valid measures to ensure data quality. This paper systematically reviews the psychometric rigour of resilience measurement scales developed for use in general and clinical populations. (More)
Considerable variations in the quality of care older adults receive may depend much on the attitude of staff towards them. The attitudes of nurses, assistant personnel and porters towards older adults were assessed. Determinants affecting this judgement, such as age, gender, education, years in practice and care setting, were also assessed. Ninety-nine(More)
This study examined whether young women who make implicit associations between underweight models and positive attributes report elevated eating disorder symptoms. Ninety nine female undergraduates completed a weight based implicit association test (IAT) and self report measures of body dissatisfaction, thin-ideal internalization and eating disorder(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine if a low level of social engagement is a precursor for mortality. METHODS a case-control design, controlling for physical health, age and sex examining social engagement and morale. We took measures on 3 occasions, 4 years apart. RESULTS a low level of social engagement was an important precursor of 8-year mortality. There were(More)
OBJECTIVES Much is known about the factors making caring for a spouse with dementia burdensome. However, relatively little is known about factors that help some spouses become resilient. We define resilience as 'the process of negotiating, managing and adapting to significant sources of stress or trauma'. We aimed to assess whether spousal dementia carers(More)
Older widows face challenges regarding domestic instrumental tasks and independence. We asked 21 British widows about traditional male tasks, pre- and postbereavement. We focus on 3 aspects. First, what changes occurred in instrumental independence following bereavement? A typology of 4 was identified comprising: dependent/independent; dependent/dependent;(More)
Lympho-epithelial Kazal-type-related inhibitor (LEKTI) is recognized as a serine protease inhibitor and is thought to play a key role in skin barrier function through the inhibition of kallikrein (KLK) activities and regulation of skin desquamation. LEKTI has a total of 15 potential inhibitory domains, and we hypothesize that it has other potential targets(More)
Bereavement in late life amongst women is a high-probability life event. Although several studies have examined the relative short-term effects (e.g. up to 12 months postbereavement), research into the longer-term psychological effects of widowhood amongst this group has not been extensive. This paper aims to examine the research into the mediumand(More)
The thin ideal has been identified as playing a central role in female body dissatisfaction. However, research into idealization of thinness in young women tends to focus on quantitative measures that can mask the complexity of attitudes and experiences. This article describes a series of focus groups with 41 females aged 16-26 and explores the multifaceted(More)