Kate Beard-Tisdale

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Advancement in digital archiving technologies provides researchers with a multitude of methods for sharing their research and data digitally with others. However, when acquiring data from others directly or indirectly the law often imposes an assumption of copyright in the dataset acquired. This creates a difficult legal situation affecting future use and(More)
Publicly available ontologies are growing in number at present. These ontologies describe entities in a domain and the relations among these entities. This thesis describes a method to automatically combine a pair of orthogonal ontologies using cross products. A geospatial ontology and a temporal ontology are combined in this work. Computing the cross(More)
Events in the world do not occur in neat chronological order, but may take place, for example, during or overlapping each other, or as simultaneous events. Efficient summaries of real-world events are important in many disciplines and require events to be modeled in a linear fashion. This thesis focuses on modeling events as intervals and using relations(More)
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